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Тема: Не совсем IT резюме

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    Не совсем IT резюме

    Уважаемые форумчане, очень нужен совет по резюме. Просто необходим взгляд со стороны опытных людей. Заранее спасибо за коменты и замечания, кои приведут к улучшению продукта.

    Ivan Ivanov
    Hwason, South Korea
    Phone: 010-1111-2222

    Objective: Senior Research Scientist/Engineer position
    Work authorization: US permanent resident with full employment authorization. Green card holder.
    Availability: September 2013

    Summary of skills and qualities:
    Metal/semiconductor layers deposition (MBE, CVD, laser assisted CVD)
    Designing and planning of experiments to obtain the desired properties of the product
    Experienced in vacuum equipment (UHV ~10-10 Torr), extremely low temperatures (Liquid Helium)
    Experienced in films analyzing by various methods (optical microscopy, SEM, STM, AFM)
    Laboratory equipment maintenance (optics, laser)
    Excellent interpersonal skills, easy character, positive attitude
    Advanced computer user with some experience in scientific programming (Fortran) and simulation (Comsol
    Multiphysics, Matlab). Some knowledge of Python

    Work experience:
    August 2012 - August 2013 Company 1
    Hwason, South Korea
    Senior Researcher at New Product Development department
    EUV source development, optimization of characteristic (power, divergence)
    Created and proposed new ideas to improve current and to develop new product
    Developed algorithm for adoptive optics controlling system (computer simulation, design experiment)
    Scientific consulting for laser wafer annealing project.

    July 2007 - July 2012 Company 2
    Anyang, South Korea.
    Senior researcher at New Business development team
    Conducted LCVD processing, TFT array repair, photomask repair, laser patterning
    Developed laser processing for glass polishing, glass cutting (protection glass for mobile devices)
    Performed material characterization, properties and process optimization, collected and analyzed data
    Made technical and scientific reports

    July 2006 - July 2007 Company 3
    Daejeon, South Korea
    Postdoctoral researcher at Smart Molecular Memory team
    Performed material characterization on atomic scale (STM, SEM, AFM)
    Investigated and developed new concept of smart molecular memory
    Found memory effect resulting in publishing of 2 papers in Journal of American Chemical Society.
    Designed and conducted experiments using UHV equipment
    Participated in the international conferences and workshops

    September 2002 - October 2007 Company 4
    St-Petersburg, Russia
    Senior Researcher at Integrated optics lab
    Investigated properties of various semiconductor structures for light emitting devices
    Studied growth of thin films, developed new high power laser systems for industrial applications
    Participated in the international conferences and workshops, supervised master degree students

    September 2003 - September 2004 Company 5
    Tokyo, Japan
    Postdoctoral Researcher at Surface Science lab
    Investigated growth of semiconductor quantum dot (QD) systems for new light emitting devices
    Performed characterization of the QD by SEM, STM and photoelectron microscopy
    Prepared scientific reports, participated in the international conferences and workshops, and supervised
    master degree students.

    October 1995 - September 2002 Company 6
    Vladivostok, Russia
    Researcher/Senior Researcher at Optics and electro physics lab
    Investigated transport and optical properties of thin silicide films
    Designed the experiments, prepared scientific publications, participated in domestic and international
    Maintained of the laboratory equipment
    Delivered lecturers and seminars in basic physics for junior researchers

    Education and training:
    Far Eastern State University (1991 - 1996), Vladivostok, Russia
    Specialist diploma in “Microelectronics and semiconductor devices”

    Institute for Automation and Control Processes (1996 - 2001), Vladivostok, Russia
    PhD in Physics and Mathematics (specialization: “Physics of Condensed Matter”)

    British Council (November, 2010)
    English Course (IELTS 6.5)

    The list of main publications is available at ResearcherID.com

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