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Тема: Покритикуйте, пожалуйста, резюме.

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    Покритикуйте, пожалуйста, резюме.

    lead software developer, software designer (php)


    2006 — Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (MSIEM, МИЭМ), Computer Science, Master's degree. Engineer
    2002 — Institute of Cryptography, Communications and Computer Science of the Federal Security Service of Russian Federation (ИКСИ Академии ФСБ РФ), Applied Math: Cryptography, Bachelor's degree. Cryptographist

    Advanced trainings/courses

    2011 — English. Base. Upper intermediate, Alibra school, Diploma
    2011 — English. Business Benchmark Vantage, Alibra school, Diploma
    2007 — Flash. Advanced progrmming, RealTime school, Diploma


    2011 — Cambridge BEC (Business English Certificate), Alibra school, PASS AT GRADE B (79)

    Work experience

    10.2009 - present , xxxxxx LLC ( Санкт-Петербург , xxxxxx.ru ) — Travel/Hotels / Restaurants
    Chief Technology Officer, Software Architect

    Sindbad is an Online Travel Agency from Saint Petersburg, specializing on Air ticketing. On the CTO position I have done the following:

    Set up company's R&D department in Moscow:
    - found an appropriate office, furnished it, set up Internet access and local network
    - hired web developers (4 software developers/architects, 1 frontend developer)
    - set up processes of software development, testing, deployment; including code style guidelines, project management tools, QA standards, development/testing/preproduction servers.
    - set up daily cron script which checks out trunk from svn repo, run unit tests, checks syntax and code formatting and sends an email report to the developers

    Tools and technologies used:
    - subversion (svn) and trac as version control and project management system
    - nginx web servers as load balancers and reverse-proxy
    - set of apache2 as application servers
    - memcached for caching
    - postgresql as database servers and session storage
    - sphinx as a full-text search engine
    - php5 as the main programming language
    - doxygen to generate development documentation automatically
    - PHPUnit and selenium for unit- and functional testing
    - gettext for i10n

    With php I actively used:
    - pcntl_fork in cli scripts to run requests simultaneously
    - DOMDocument and DOMXpath to generate and parse XML
    - SOAP and cURL to interact with remote systems
    - SPL (Exceptions, Iterators, filesystem handling)
    - GeoIP

    Also with php I have implemented:
    - custom MIME library to handle complex emails with different presentation layers and attachments
    - a complex error and exception handling solution (which even can handle some fatal situations)
    - custom ORM using Active Record pattern and PDO over PostgreSQL with query caching, ability to synchronize database with structure described in php, support of stored procedures, data validation, table linkage
    - XML API to interact with metasearch engines (such as momondo.com, skyscanner.net, aviasales.ru, yandex.ru and many others) and with our mobile applications in iOS and Android
    - APIs for payment systems: payonline.ru (VISA), gateline.net (VISA), QIWI (cache-in), Novoplat (cache-in); SMS-services; Travel databases'
    - SOAP client for Galileo GDS
    06.2009 - 09.2009 , xxxxxxx holding ( Москва , xxxxxxx.ru ) — Marketing/Advertising / PR
    Lead web-developer

    There was QA department in the company but no development-time testing. I integrated a unit-testing subsystem into the project. Presented the unit-testing system to the developers, wrote basic guidelines for unit testing.
    03.2008 - 04.2009 , xxxxxxxx ( Москва , xxxxxxxx.ru ) — Information technology/system integration
    Web developer

    Learned PHPUnit, PostgreSQL server, trac, sowtware development/testing/deployment workflow. Deeply learned subversion, Arch linux, vim, software design patterns: ORM, MVC, wrapper, factory, singleton etc.

    Implemented cross-domain user authentication between smotri.com and qip.ru
    Integrated Google Maps service here: Tarkett
    10.2006 - 03.2008 , xxxxxxx ( Москва , xxxxxx.ru ) — Marketing/Advertising / PR
    web developer

    Learned subversion, and a project management software.
    Developed frontend UI using Macromedia (Adobe) Flash with Actionscript 2.0 for company's web-based social research project.
    Actively used MVC pattern and Event-driven paradigm for software architecture.
    09.2004 - 12.2006 , xxxxxxxxx.ru — Educational institution

    Was teaching shoolchildren (14-16 years) on the following subjects:
    * PHP
    * Computer Networks

    Developed two complete 1-year learning programs, which included:

    * for the PHP course
    - in-depth look at WWW, HTTP stack, web-servers' internals
    - the lifecycle of http request and response
    - basic text-processing functions, templating

    * for the Computer Networks course:
    - TCP/IP stack and the ISO OSI model
    - types of wired and wireless networks
    - types of network equipment (hubs, switcher, routers, fi*******)
    - practice on building ethernet network using UTP and RJ-45
    - common services: http, ftp, irc, internet messengers
    - in-depth look at services using telnet: manual interaction with http, irc and other
    - network configuration and sniffing tools under MS Windows and Linux (Ubuntu)
    01.2006 - 10.2006 , webdisk.ru ( Москва ) — Information technology/system integration
    web developer

    Implemented a file exchange service with XML API using php 4. Learned file operations under Linux, administration of Debian Linux
    Used raw http with php-cgi to show real time file uploading progress.
    Worked in a team with a server engineer who set up the servers infrastructure and design agency which made UI upon my XML API.
    10.2002 - 10.2006 , Military service ( Москва ) — State Organizations
    Officer, Engineer
    Learned to work in extremely stressful environment, strong subordination and military discipline.

    Developed and introduced a full-text indexing and search system. Set up an internal web-server running Debian to run the system.

    Used enca, iconv and a lot of converters from html, pdf, doc, xls and other formats to plain text, MySQL with fulltext index to handle storage and search, php 4 for controllers and UI.
    09.2004 - 03.2005 , "Хакер"/"Hacker" magazine ( Москва , xakep.ru )

    List of publications
    All articles were published in «Hacker» («Хакер», xakep.ru) magazine under different nicknames which I used that time.
    1. Antileech. Не дай себя обокрасть. Защита веб-контента / Antileech. Don't get robbed. Protecting web contents
    B!rd Feathery (feathery@e-mail.ru)
    Hacker, №09(69)/2004, pages 22-24
    2. DNS. Копаем глубоко / Domain Name System. A deep look into
    B!rd Feathery (feathery@e-mail.ru)
    Hacker, №09(69)/2004, pages 26-29
    3. Денвер. Мастерская веб-разработчика за 15 минут / Denwer. Deploying web developer's workshop in 15 minutes
    Feathery (bird@feathery.ru)
    Hacker, №10(70)/2004, pages 20-22
    4. Замути свой рескью-диск! Хардкорный мультизагрузочный диск своими руками / DIY A Hardcore Multiboot Rescue CD
    B!rd Feathery (bird@feathery.ru)
    Hacker, №11(71)/2004, pages 36-38
    5. Сам себе Mail.ru. Почтовый сервер под Win32 / Mail server on Win32
    B!rd Feathery (bird@feathery.ru)
    Hacker, №11(71)/2004, pages 28-30
    6. Двое из ларца. Автоматизация рутинных процессов на компьютере / The two from the box. Automate your daily routine
    B!rd Feathery (bird@feathery.ru)
    Hacker, №01(73)/2005, pages 24-27
    7. Домашнее ословодство. Поднимаем пиринговую сеть в локалке / Donkey breeding at home. Setting up a local p2p network
    B!rd Feathery (bird@feathery.ru)
    Hacker, №03(75)/2005, pages 32-35
    01.2001 - 06.2004 , asechka.ru ( asechka.ru ) — Information technology/system integration
    Co-founder, Administrator, Web developer

    Asechka.ru (formerly known as isq.vsochi.com) is a web bulletin board and blog dedicated to internet messenger (especially ICQ) and computer security.

    I administered the board (vbulliten), implemented a simple news engine with php 4, edit articles and news, made some tools to deal with ICQ password files (deplhi, win32).

    Also I lead local meetings of asechka.ru participants, meet many ICQ hackers and enjoyed the community

    Additional information


    Work permit in:

    United States


    Native Language — Russian
    English, fluent

    Core skills

    I'm looking for a job where I can be a manager and a software developer at once. Software design and architecture are the most exciting to my mind. I enjoy sharing my experience with my colleagues and peers, teaching newcomers, making beautiful deeply tested program code, learning and using new techniques in software development. Well designed clear flexible and tested program code which works in the long term is that I value the most. I prefer medium- and long term tasks, which require an excellent software design and code quality. I am extremely exacting at code design, quality, test-coverage and quality of tests themselves.

    If you are looking for a software architect and a code quality assurance specialist all-in-one, whom you can allow to build up a developers team for long term tasks - here I am!

    - I'm smart
    - PHP5: (SPL, PEAR, PECL)
    - AJAX: XML, JSON, JQuery, Prototype
    - XHTML, CSS, block model, doctypes, etc.
    - SQL: MySQL, PostgreSQL: triggers, optimizing
    - ООП, TDD, Design patterns, refactoring
    - SVN, Trac, Jira
    - Flash (AS 2.0)
    - Java ME (MIDP, CLDC) development experience
    - External web-service intergation (SOAP/XML/JSON/WHATEVER)
    - Nginx, Apache, memcached
    - Scaling, HA, HL, NoSQL
    - Unit testing (phpunit)
    - Linux: Ubuntu/Debian, Arch and any other - admin
    - Free/Open BSD - advanced user/admin
    - MS Windows (95/98/Me/2k/Xp/Vista/7) - admin
    - Topology design, deployment, monitoring of Ethernet (including wireless)
    - High networking experience

    - Experience in air tickets saling, GDS intergation (Galileo Web Services, Sabre)

    - Project management, risk evaluating
    - Outsourcing
    - Meetings
    - Coaching

    - Hiring staff, interviews

  2. Бронирование Отелей в США
    Circuit advertisement


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    Гражданин Аватар для KoLoB
    DuPage County
    Записей в дневнике
    Сказали 3,686 раз в 1,809 постах

    re: Покритикуйте, пожалуйста, резюме.

    Список умений и опыт - вверх. Образование - вниз.

    Вот это - мало кого интересует.
    Additional information

    Статьи на русском - врядли кто поймет.
    Радость измеряется в улыбайтах, мегасмайлах или гигалыбах.

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    f3ath (01.10.2012)

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    Гражданин Аватар для KoLoB
    DuPage County
    Записей в дневнике
    Сказали 3,686 раз в 1,809 постах

    re: Покритикуйте, пожалуйста, резюме.

    Посмотрите примеры CV на американский манер.

    Eli White > Resume
    Радость измеряется в улыбайтах, мегасмайлах или гигалыбах.

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    f3ath (01.10.2012), iTamerlanium (31.01.2015), k&r (07.06.2014), sapfir.67 (01.10.2014), VellaOk (07.11.2018)

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    Гражданин Аватар для MikeS
    Сказали 6,235 раз в 3,145 постах

    re: Покритикуйте, пожалуйста, резюме.

    Первое, что бросается в глаза - уберите русский язык. Вообще. Даже не думайте вставлять.
    Второе... В резюме никогда не пишется "я", "меня", "мне". Всегда пишется в третьем лице, как бы "взгляд со стороны".
    Потом... Не надо так гордиться тем, что вы закончили курсы английского языка. Знание языка подразумевается (хотя-бы на командном уровне). Тем более, что общаться будут не с дипломами, а с вами.
    И еще... Я, конечно, не уверен, но возможно у "выпускника школы КГБ" будут проблемы с трудоустройством.
    Вы когда натягиваете желаемое на действительное, хотя бы размер на этикетке проверяйте....

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    Сказали 46 раз в 26 постах

    re: Покритикуйте, пожалуйста, резюме.

    Цитата Сообщение от MikeS Посмотреть сообщение
    возможно у "выпускника школы КГБ" будут проблемы с трудоустройством.
    Как раз наоборот, примут с распростёртыми руками. Куда надо. Дадут хорошие бабки, лишь бы только все КГБешные шифры выложил.

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    Гражданин Аватар для MikeS
    Сказали 6,235 раз в 3,145 постах

    re: Покритикуйте, пожалуйста, резюме.

    Цитата Сообщение от Marchello2827 Посмотреть сообщение
    Как раз наоборот, примут с распростёртыми руками. Куда надо. Дадут хорошие бабки, лишь бы только все КГБешные шифры выложил.
    Ага... А потом старый друг напоит кофе с плутонием...
    Вы когда натягиваете желаемое на действительное, хотя бы размер на этикетке проверяйте....

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    Постоянный резидент Аватар для Wildhoney
    South FL
    Сказали 86 раз в 52 постах

    Резюме на проверку.

    (Relocation under Green Card rights is anticipated)

    Looking for a challenging position of a Pharmaceutical R&D Formulation Development Scientist


    • A licensed pharmacist (since 2003) with broad experience in clinical, hospital and community pharmacy, with a 5-years experience in the pharmaceutical industry (by the end of 2012);
    • Knowledge and expertise in pharmaceutical research and development, especially in formulation, compounding, and upscaling of pharmaceutical dosage forms. Understanding of the R&D process, abilities to manage effectively a pharmaceutical project on all its aspects, especially in controlled drug delivery area;
    • Expertise in formulating drugs with pH-sensitive solubility;
    • Expert knowledge of the pharmacological/toxicological and practical aspects of the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and the pharmaceutical excipients;
    • Understanding the principles of the polymer chemistry, extensive experience in the compounding and manufacturing of thin films, problem-solving approaches to overcome product defects or improve performance of polymer-based systems;
    • Understanding of the technological aspects of scale-up processes, proven abilities to conduct scale-up from lab to pilot production scale;
    • Experience in preparation of technology transfer documentation and supervision of their implementation;
    • Proficiency in working under the requirements of the current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP);
    • Excellent teaching and training skills;
    • Laboratory safety supervision.

    Dec-07 – present, R&D Formulation Scientist, at COMPANY, CITY, Israel

    Key Responsibilities:

    • Managed, designed and actively conducted research and development of novel drug-delivery projects;
    • Developed formulations and manufacturing processes of novel gasrotoretentive drug-delivery systems based on polymeric films, both for controlled and immediate release of drugs;
    • Developed, optimized and upscaled production methodologies for novel specialized pharmaceutical processes;
    • Coordinated and supervised formulatory, analytical, upscaling, and manufacturing aspects of projects;
    • Maintained high level of documentation in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) requirements;
    • Generated reports and presentations on various subjects including project progress presentations, both in-house and with the involvement of international partners;
    • Supervised the issues of laboratory safety in the R&D laboratories; R&D delegate in the company's safety commission.

    Summary of the Main Projects:
    May-10 – present, PROJECT
    • Formulated immediate and controlled release components of the product for successful phase II clinical studies;
    • Supervised and promoted the development and adaptation of auxiliary components for the product;
    • Maximized drug loading in the product;
    • Tested new production line and optimized the production process.
    Nov-09 – Jun-10, undisclosed project
    • Developed a sustained-release gastroretentive formulation of high-loading, highly soluble drug with pH-dependent solubility;
    • Collaborated with international partners, including writing of development reports and giving project progress presentations.
    Dec-07 – Nov-09, PROJECT
    • Developed a gastroretentive baclofen formulation, the product successful in phase I studies;
    • Developed pH-insensitive baclofen controlled-release formulation, also insensitive to ethyl alcohol presence (up to 30% v/v) in dissolution medium.

    Oct-06 – Aug-07, Teaching Assistant, Pharmacotherapy Courses at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
    Key Responsibilities: preparation of the learning material, holding discussion sections with undergraduate pharmacy students, writing examination questions and checking quizzes.

    Dec-03 – Dec-07, Retail Pharmacist at a PHARMAY., Jerusalem, Israel
    Key Responsibilities: dispensing prescribed medications, providing consultative services to customers and health care providers, maintaining registry of narcotics and other controlled substances, ordering and maintaining stock of pharmacy supplies.

    Jun-03 – Dec-03, Specialization (Internship) in Pharmacy at NNN Medical Center, CITY, Israel

    2005-2008, Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Clinical Pharmacy, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
    Thesis Title:NNNNNNN, under supervision of professors NNNNN and NNNNN.

    1998-2003, Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (B.Sc.Pharm.), the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

    • patent application WO NNNNNNNN;
    • patent application WONNNNNNN;
    • NNNNNNN, poster presentation at the 6th Annual Meeting of the Israeli Chapter of the Controlled Release Society (ICRS), Sept-07

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    Постоянный резидент Аватар для Wildhoney
    South FL
    Сказали 86 раз в 52 постах

    Re: Resume на проверку (Pharmaceutical R&D Formulation Development Scientist)

    Буду благодарна за любые комментарии.
    Также интересует, насколько необходимо корректировать данное резюме, если речь идет не о поиске работы в фарм индустрии, а о поиске PhD.

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    Резюме на соискание работы по визе H1B (Opto-Mechanical Engineer)

    Здравствуйте, уважаемые форумчане.

    Супруг хочет начать поиск работы с оформлением H1B визы. Создано резюме, перед его размещением на поисковых сайтах а также перед отсылкой потенциальным работодателям, хотелось уточнить вот какой вопрос. Уместна ли или необходима фраза типа "H1B visa sponsorship required" и в какой части резюме ее следует размещать?

    Если найдётся кто-то, кто готов оценить-покритиковать само резюме, я его с удовольствием размещу.

    Заранее спасибо за отклик.

    Вот ссылка на резюме

    Заранее спасибо за помощь
    Последний раз редактировалось Юлик; 15.01.2013 в 19:35.

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    Re: Резюме на соискание работы по визе H1B (Opto-Mechanical Engineer)

    Цитата Сообщение от esta bien Посмотреть сообщение
    Уместна ли или необходима фраза типа "H1B visa sponsorship required" и в какой части резюме ее следует размещать?
    Можно писать, можно не писать. Зависит от того, хочется ли поговорить с людьми, которые вообще-то не собираются спонсировать визу, и попытаться убедить их в обратном. Если писать, то где-нибудь в начале, рядом с контактной информацией.

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