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Тема: J1 solicitation letter

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    J1 solicitation letter

    Получил на днях от одного соискателя из Англии. Буду рад если кому-то пригодится. Он его шлет всем подряд, без адаптации под конкретного нанимателя. Я сделал пару купюр

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am currently a 2nd year student, studying a unique, and extremely high
    caliber degree of Marketing Management at one of the best Universities in
    the world, located in Britain. I am required by my University to complete
    a paid internship (to cover just basic living costs like rent, travel) in
    a Marketing/Advertising/Management field within a company abroad. My
    internship would start in June-September and last 10-12 months. After
    having looked at the way your business works and what you do, i felt
    compelled to write to you and explore the possibility of participating in
    such an internship with you under the auspices of a J-1 visa. This means I
    am employable in exactly the same way as an American citizen, so there
    would be no red tape to deal with.

    In regards to my legal eligibility to train with your organization, I
    would be participating in the J-1 Visa Internship USA program, sponsored
    by the Council on International Educational Exchange [CIEE].
    (www.ciee.org) As my sponsor, CIEE is authorized by the U.S. government to
    issue the necessary documentation for me to obtain a J-1 visa, which
    allows me to train legally in the U.S for up to 12 months. I will also
    arrive with my sponsor provided, full coverage health insurance and be
    exempt from both Social Security and Federal Unemployment Taxes.

    Further information on tax exemptions in the J-1 program can be found on
    CIEEs website:
    Please see the following link for the details of this private health

    So why do i think i would be perfect for your business? I am an active,
    fast paced, organized individual possessing great team leadership traits,
    having possessed great time and management skills. I have worked with
    specialist Marketing firms in both Management and Marketing consultancy
    roles. I have a great array of communication skills having worked with
    such a wide range of demographic groups from children at camps and
    schools, young business professionals, handicapped persons and the elderly
    which as a result has helped me to excel in areas such as public
    speaking/presenting and consumer interaction. I am a very optimistic
    individual who continuously challenges themself and always thinks outside
    of the box, an example of this, travelling to and working in America for
    three months, by myself, which now I wish to repeat, on a bigger scale. I
    have an extremely valuable set of academic expertise and international
    knowledge that i can offer you due to studying at a University ranked 24th
    globally for its Business school and believe there is so much potential
    that could be gained for the both of us if any positions were available.

    I have attached my resume below, one in Windows format and the other in
    MAC format If you have any questions at all, please feel free email or
    call me.

    Thank you for your time,

    Захар Пушкин

    Telephone: 00447934353
    Email: з.пушкин@lancaster.ac.ру

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