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Тема: Experience-based resume. Покритикуйте пожалуйста

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    Experience-based resume. Покритикуйте пожалуйста

    Добрый день, помогите пожалуйста выявить недочеты и ошибки, допущенные при составлении резюме. Заранее большое спасибо всем, потратившим время.

    Contact information:
    Flash/Flex developer with creative and innovative ideas and over six years experience in client-server applications development, relational database analyzing, designing, and querying, multifunctional RIA creating, and GUI designing. Strong analytical skills combined with experience in object oriented programming techniques.
    Technical skills:
    Languages:...................| ActionScript 2.0/3.0 (OOP), PHP (OOP, MVC, Smarty, CodeIgniter), SQL, HTML, CSS, XML, UML,XSLT, JavaScript (jQuery ,Ajax)
    DBMS:.........................| MySQL, PostgeSQL, MSSQL, MS Access
    CASE Tools:..................| Sybase PowerDesigner, Rational Rose
    Version Control:.............| SVN
    Development Environment:| Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex Builder IDE and plugin on Eclipse platform
    Web Server: .................| Apache
    Graphics Software:..........| Adobe Photoshop, 3ds MAX, Adobe After Effects
    Experience and Qualifications:
    Rich Internet Applications
    • Architected, developed and led client-server application for comparative analysis of current petrol prices and exposes price movements on dynamic graphs
    • Applied mathematical and statistical methods to analyze data and prepare graphs
    • Created interpolation algorithm for graph construction
    • Designed and developed database for the system's backend data processing and transaction
    • Wrote backend API/PHP scripts for database integration and replications
    • Developed administrative interface
    • Created URL validation
    • Designed graphical user interface
    link1, link2 etc.
    On-line flash games
    • Flash/Flex physics, animation, trigonometry, and general game development
    • Designed client-server communication protocol (Flash/Flex and Java)
    • Created AI, flexible game engine, last hand function, interactive UI tool
    • Implemented a server data warehouse (PHP, MySQL)
    link1, link2 etc.
    Multimedia presentations
    • Developed the interactive multimedia presentation for Web, CD/DVD ROM and kiosks
    • Developed UI tools for managing video content
    • Created a virtual tour, photo gallery, photo slide show
    Developed for clients such as link1, link2 etc.
    Software engine
    • Developed software engine with used Swfmill
    • Developed pseudo 3D Object control function
    • Implemented loading data from external XML and SWF files
    • Designed XML structure
    link1, link2 etc.
    GUI design
    • Conducted visual analysis of the client-side application
    • Evaluated present design problems to enhance the look and feel as well as ease of use
    • Redesigned and incorporated new workflows, mockups, specifications that effectively communicate the information architecture and interaction design
    More examples at myweb.com
    Logos & branding
    • Designed logo and branding
    • Designed print material for the personal suite, including box art, promotional material, icons, and application artwork
    link1, link2 etc.

    Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics
    MS in Computer Science
    Employment authorization:
    H1B sponsorship required. (current location: ----)

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