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Тема: Лохотрон и DV 2012 (получил по электронке)

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    Восклицание Лохотрон и DV 2012 (получил по электронке)

    На днях получил такое письмо, понял что лохотрон, но они знают мою фамилию и номер домашнего телефона, который я указал в анкете на участие в розыгрыше. Они перехватывают данные? Кто нибудь подобное получал? Интересны ваши комментарии.

    Your registered name Jury S ( jurash@yandex.ru ) is included to show this message originated from U.S. Department of State. U.S. Department of State notifies Jury Shubin of being selected as a winner of the Diversity Visa program.

    Dear Jury S , You are one of the 50,000 winners selected by the computer random draw from the 12.1 million entries registered in the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program . The Diversity Immigrant Visa program is a United States congressionally-mandated lottery program for receiving a United States Permanent Resident Card. It is also known as the Green Card Lottery.

    Winner Details

    Acceptance Date: Thursday 8th of September 2011 03:04:39 PM
    Winner Name: Jury фамилия
    Country of Birth: Russia
    Phone Number: 7-495-

    Diversity Visa Details
    With the Diversity Visa (also known as Green Card) you will enjoy all the advantages and benefits of a U.S. permanent resident, including health and education benefits, and employment opportunities along with guidance in your new country, orientation sessions and programs to integrate into mainstream American society. Once received you can use it at any time you want to move in the United States or just travel. The visa must be renewed after 10 years.

    U.S. Government helps you with the accommodation and offers you Health Insurance (Freedom HSA Direct Individual Health insurance for 1 year), Dwelling(Apartment in any city you prefer, 1 bedroom for 3 months ), a guaranteed job(in the field that you are are currently qualified so you can start working even from the first week you arrive in the United States and get paid as U.S citizen. ) and education (for U.S. Students or Higher Education through EducationUSA. It includes transfer to a U.S college or University so you can continue your educational study. More details can be found at http://educationusa.state.gov/ .)

    Processing fees

    Type of Residence Card Status Amount (per person)
    United States Permanent Resident Card Granted! - Waiting for payment of processing fee $879
    Processing fees Included
    Total $879
    Although the Diversity Visa participation was free, the law and regulations require to every diversity visa winner to pay a visa processing fee of $879. The Diversity Visa(Green Card) is guaranteed upon receiving the payment.
    The per person fee for each Diversity Visa is $879, payable in U.S. dollars or equivalent of your local currency. This $879 fee is the only fee a winner needs to pay throughout the entire relocation process.
    Accompanying family members(wife/husband, fiancee, brothers, sisters, childrens, cousins) may be included in the program and their visas will be provided at the same time with yours so you can travel/move together in the same time. However the fees must be paid per person and each member(e.g wife, brother, parents, childrens, cousin) must pay $879. There is no discount for childrens.

    Please note that you are allowed to take with you as many family members you want. However for each person you must pay an additional amount of U.S $879
    For example if you decide to move in the United States with your wife and a kid the total fee is US$879(your fee) + US$879(your wife) + US$879(your kid) = US$2637.

    PURPOSE: The U.S. Department of State uses the fee payment primarily to process your visa related documents and verify your identity.
    Visa Payment processing instructions
    The fees must be paid using Western Union money transfer and will be processed by the U.S. embassy in the United Kingdom.
    Western Union is a leading provider of International person-to-person money transfer. With more than 150 years experience and 245,000 Agent locations in over 200 countries and territories, Western Union is recognized for sending money quickly, reliably, and safety.
    You can send the payment in U.S. dollars or equivalent of your local currency.

    Click on the following link to find the nearest Western Union agency and send the fees payment :
    Find Western Union Agency
    If you are unable to find a Western Union agency near your location, you may ask a relative or friend to pay the fee on your behalf.

    After you find a Western Union agency you need to go with cash money, an identity card(e.g passport or national identity card) and send the payment to the U.S. embassy agent address in United Kingdom:

    Name : Charity Grano
    Address: 30 Leicester Square
    London, WC2H 7LA
    United Kingdom

    The payment must be sent to the above U.S. embassy agent address in United Kingdom because the U.S. Department of State decided this based on the diplomatic relations with your country.
    You must declare it a personal transfer (you will tell to the agent from Western Union that you are sending money to a relative or friend of yours), otherwise you will not be able to send the money.

    After you send the payment follow the next steps
    a) Email copy/scan of the Western Union receipt at dv@greencard-org.com
    b) Email at dv@greencard-org.com with the following details (you can find them on the money transfer receipt):

    1) Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN):
    2) Exact sender's name on file with Western Union:
    3) Exact sender's address on file with Western Union:
    4) Exact receiver's name on file with Western Union:
    5) Amount sent:

    Then wait for the confirmation that the payment was received.

    Within 72 hours, you will receive a confirmation via email with your Case Number/Confirmation Number and exact date and time(approx. 2 days) of the final interview. Upon successful interview you will receive your documents and travel information to move in the United States. Under no circumstances your visa status won't be affected by the interview.

    Please Note!

    The payment must be sent via Western Union no later than September 20, 2011. You are strongly encouraged not to wait until the last day to pay. Heavy demand may result in system delays.
    Under no circumstances can diversity visas be issued or adjustments approved after this date, nor can family members obtain diversity visas to follow-to-join the principal applicant in the U.S. after this date.
    The visa processing fee(US $879) is mandatory for each person and the U.S. Government doesn't offer any discount, loan or exception.
    You have been selected winner of the Diversity Visa lottery so the visa is guaranteed upon receiving the payment fees on time.
    A hard copy of this letter will be mailed to your postal address upon receiving the payment fees.
    Please be advised that even through you are a winner of Diversity Visa your Case Number/Confirmation Number will be provided only after you send the payment confirmation of the fees. Please do not contact us to ask for the Case Number/Confirmation Number.

    If it would be necessary to contact the U.S. Department of state YOU MUST ALWAYS REFER TO YOUR NAME. The email is dv@greencard-org.com

    CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT: AUTHORITIES: The information asked for on this form is requested pursuant to Section 222 of the Immigration and Nationality Act. Section 222(f) provides that the records of the Department of State and of diplomatic and consular offices of the United States pertaining to the issuance and refusal of visas or permits to enter the United States shall be considered confidential and shall be used only for the formulation, amendment, administration, or enforcement of the immigration, nationality, and other laws of the United States. Certified copies of such records may be made available to a court provided the court certifies that the information contained in such records is needed in a case pending before the court.

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    Re: Лохотрон и DV 2012 (получил по электронке)

    Там, где в тексте есть значек "$" - ЛОХОТРОН!
    А Вы точно нигде не светили свои данные, кроме как на оф. сайте госдепа при регистрации? Может быть пытались зпрегистрироатся через сайт посредников?
    DV-2012⇒2012EU13***, DV-2013, DV-2014, DV-2015, DV-20162016EU14***☑DS-260☑Мед.комиссия☑Интервью☑Визы☐USA-LA

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    Re: Лохотрон и DV 2012 (получил по электронке)

    Моему другу тоже весной пришло такое письмо, правда там был его мобильный.
    Я его регистрировал в DV-2011, в DV-2012 нет. В лотерее он участвовал всего один раз, через посредников никогда не регистрировался. Данные я отправлял всегда с SSL.

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    Re: Лохотрон и DV 2012 (получил по электронке)

    Подобные письма многократно уже обсуждались на форуме.
    Мы, модераторы, "всего лишь крысы, на американцев работаем и людям голову дурачим" (© Shiksha)

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