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    Модератор Аватар для Mikhail Portnov
    Mountain View - Silicon Valley, CA
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    Поиск работы: Диалектика задаваемых вопросов

    Это студентка прислала в качестве отчета о поиске работы. Есть в этом отчете живая струйка. Надеюсь, что кому-то будет интересно.

    1. How do verify the results for a search engine? If you type in a name in the search field, how do you verify the search results?
    2. What is in a Test Case document?
    3. What is a Test Plan?
    4. What are the elements of a bug report?
    5. What bug are you most proud of?

    1. Tell me about yourself.
    2. Tell me about your last position at XXXX. What were your responsibilities?
    3. When I said that I performed backend testing with SQL, I was asked: What type of data did you verify? How did you do it? Did you also manipulate data?
    4. What bug are you most proud of?
    5. In your opinion, at what stage should QA be involved in software development? Why?
    6. What was the relationship like between QA and Dev at your last company?
    7. How did you resolve any tensions between QA and Development?
    8. What was the average project life cycle at your last position? (2-3 months depending on where you worked).
    9. How do you write TCs? What is your approach?
    10. What is IE Developer Toolbar and Fiddler? (listed in my resume)
    11. What do you think are the most important components of a bug report?

    Company3 Phone Interview
    1. What is in a Test Plan?
    2. Do you have TCs in a TP?
    3. Within the TP, where do you explain what you will be testing...how do you demonstrate need for test coverage?
    4. How do you add a column in a table? (SQL)
    5. If you create a table without a primary key, can you later add a primary column?
    6. What is an index?
    7. What is the advantage of an index? Disadvantages?
    8. How do you approach cross-browser, cross-platform testing? How do you test on so many?
    9. What is Performance testing?
    10. What is the difference between Load testing and Performance testing?

    1. Where do you locate the IP address on Windows? Mac?
    2. What is a virtual machine?
    3. If I have a VM installed on my computer, and you have one on your computer, can I send a file to your VM?
    4. How do you set up your laptop to a wireless router? How do you connect your computer to the wireless router?
    5. If you are installing a software program onto a computer…it begins to install and then stops before installation is complete, what do you do?
    • A: Read the error messages and try to determine the source of the problem. Do this before attempting to install it on another computer to avoid corrupting second computer.
    6. What do you like most about QA?
    7. What do you like least about QA
    8. How do you deal with pressure?

    Company5Recruiter - Phone Scan
    1. SQL
    • There is a Sales Table with five columns: order_id, price, quantity, date, and sales_rep.
    Question 1: How do you retrieve the orders on or before June 15?
    Answer: select order_id, date
    from sales
    where date > June 15
    Question 2: How do you retrieve the number of sales by each sales rep?
    Answer: select sales_rep, sum
    from sales

    2. What utility do you use to log onto a remote computer? In Windows? In Unix?
    • Answer: SSH (Unix) Remote Desktop (Windows)
    3. If you are unable to access a remote computer, what would you do to make sure that it is “alive”?
    • Answer: You would “Ping” it. (you have to check how to do from Windows. On Mac, you go to Finder Applications Network UtilityPing tab

    Company5 - Phone Interview
    1. What technical solution are you most proud of?
    2. Why are you interested in working for Ning?
    3. What is a Test Plan? What is included in a Test Plan?
    4. What is a Test Strategy?
    5. What is the difference between a Test Strategy and a Test Plan?
    6. How do you approach writing Test Cases?
    7. Since I mentioned using equivalence classes as one of my methodologies for writing TCs, she asked me: How do you determine what are Equivalence classes? I gave long answer, then she asked: What if you were testing numbers 1-100. What type of TCs would you write—what data?
    8. What if you don’t have any requirements or documentation for writing TCs…what do you do?
    9. At your last company, how many environments did your product go through before it goes to Production?
    10. What approach to testing do you prefer and why? Top-down testing or Bottom-up testing (on page 46 of our textbook).
    11. Since I said, top down testing, she asked me to give her an example of how I wrote TCs in this manner in the past.
    12. How do you know when you are done testing? –As an individual tester, not as a team.
    13. Have any of your bugs stopped a build from going to production? If so, give an example. What did you do?
    14. What type of testing did you perform at your previous companies?
    15. How do you know that you have covered everything that needs to be tested?
    • You can mention using any available documentation, such as the List of Product features, etc… to create Test Matrices. For example, you could create a matrix that shows the relationship between requirements and Test Cases. From this matrix you could keep track of the total number of TCs executed, TCs passed, TCs failed, and TCs deferred. Another example is that you could create a test matrix that shows the relationship between the TCs and environment (OSs, Browsers, etc) (read Ch 12 starting from page 217 –Components of Test Planning Documents)
    16. She gave a simple example of a calculator application with one field for a Nominator, One field for a Denominator. Click “Submit” and get results.
    a. What kind of TCs would you write for this application (forgetting user interface. Only pure data)
    17. How well do you know Unix?
    18. How well do you know Java******?
    19. SQL Questions:
    • What is an inner join?
    • What is an outer join?
    • What is the difference between an inner join and an outer join?
    • What do you get from an outer join that you don’t get from an inner join?

    Company5 On-site
    1. Why do you want to work for Ning?
    2. How was your experience building a Ning Social Network online
    • Was it easy to create? • Did you have any difficulties? • Did you find any bugs? • Were there features or ********s that could be improved?
    3. I was presented with three different simple applications and asked what TCs I would write for them. For example, a simple page, announcing to the addressee that he has been awarded 1370 prize points. He has choice of selecting one radio button where there is a drop down list of prizes with the point worth next to each one. OR he has radio button choice to send all points to a friend. There is a SEND button at the bottom of the page.
    4. What is the SQL statement for: (1) updating a table, (2) inserting a column into a table?
    5. HTML
    a. Tell me what you do know about HTML. (Because I had indicated that I had basic education in it, but not much real world application)
    b. What is the tag for the area of the page that contains text fields, radio buttons, drop-down lists, etc… It is not called the body. Answer: <form>
    c. What is the tag for posting an image?
    d. What is the tag for posting a hyperlink?
    6. When you present me with your Test Plan, what piece of information is just as important as your list of Test Cases? Answer: What you are not going to test/cover.
    7. In your opinion, at what stage should QA be involved in software development? Why?
    8. What do you need from me (VP Engineering / Product Management) in order to start writing your Test Plan and TCs? You can say: Requirements, list of product features, milestones…
    9. How do you estimate your software testing effort?

    Company6 - Internal Recruiter
    1. Tell me about yourself.
    2. What was your role and responsibilities at your last company? The company before that? The company before that?
    3. How do you perform cross-browser testing? What is your approach? What do you look for?

    Company6 - On-site
    1. Tell me about your role and responsibilities at your last company?
    2. What did the QA process look like at your last company, OR, In your opinion, in the ideal world, what are the QA processes that a project runs through in the SDLC?
    3. How do you decide what to test?
    4. How do you write TCs for a global search engine that locates nearby results for a restaurant, for example? How many test cases are you going to write?
    5. Google: (this was the product we were looking at on interviewer’s laptop. What are you going to look for in the search engine results for this particular search (example: Sushi)

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