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Тема: Резюме Web Developer ждут вашей критики

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    Новичок Аватар для egorio

    Резюме Web Developer ждут вашей критики

    Web: Egor Verbitsky | LinkedIn

    Web Developer (PHP, Python, Ruby)


    • More than 7 years of experience in web-developing.
    • Experienced as a team leader.
    • Experienced working with contractors and freelancers.
    • API and architecture design.
    • Server-side optimization of code and SQL-queries.
    • Database design and optimization.
    • Google Maps API and Travel API from several providers.
    • MVC Frameworks and popular CMSes.
    • Parsing data from a website.
    • HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
    • Search engine optimization of websites.
    • Requirements analysis and functional specification design.
    • Web-server configuration.
    • Interested usability and web-design.
    • Prepares for the PHP 5.3 Certification Exam.
    • Looking for remote job.

    Technical Skills

    Languages: PHP (up to 5.3), Python 2, Ruby (didn't use in work), SQL and C++. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap and JSRender for client-side development.
    Frameworks: Yii, Kohana, CodeIgniter, Zend (components), .Net (only rework existing code).
    Databases: MySQL, MSSQL, SQLite, MongoDB.
    Web services technologies: SOAP, REST, XML and JSON. Google Maps API and some Travel APIs (CarDelMar, GTA Travel, Travco, Tourico, HotelBeds, Tallink etc).
    Servers: Apache, IIS (installation and configuration) and Nginx (a little).
    VCS: Git, SVN.
    CMS: Wordpress, Joomla, Moodle.
    Other: APC, Memcache, Gearman (for queuing and multi-threading in PHP), Software Design Patterns, reading and writing Excel files, PDF generation via PHP.
    PM Software: Redmine, GitHub, The Bug Genie.
    Software: Windows 7, Windows Server, ActiveDirectory, Linux, PHPStorm, HeidiSQL, Photoshop.

    Work Experience (more than 7 years)

    12/2011 – Present Team Leader, Senior Developer, Online Express, Ltd., Moscow, Russia
    new.online-express.ru (preview), online-express.ru, time2.travel
    One of the most popular online travel service providers in Russia, which allows travel agencies to book hotels, cars, cruises, transfers, insurance etc. using an intuitive web interface or web service with more than ten wholesalers integrated.
    • Managed development team of four programmers and web designer.
    • Designed website architecture using Yii Framework, which allows easy integration of new services, as well as the architecture of a SOAP web service.
    • Designed the automatic association of geographic data by analyzing addresses, phone numbers, names, etc.
    • Implemented car booking service that allows to book cars from two wholesalers using API.
    • Participated in development of hotels and cruises booking services.
    • Implemented some command line scripts on Python.
    • Used interesting technologies like Gearman for multi-threading and JSRender in frontend.

    10/2010 – 12/2011 Senior Developer, Avrora Intour, Ltd., Moscow, Russia
    The well-known tour operator in Russia offering the possibility to book tours in Europe. Using a personal account on the site, travel companies can book tour and travel services for tourists.
    • Managed small development team.
    • Developed website using PHP, MSSQL and some components from Zend Framework.
    • Designed search module for Master-Tour (tour operator software in Russia) which is faster and more convenient than its competitors and integrated it to the website.
    • Created API (XML) allows searching for tours. It is used by partners on their websites.
    • Implemented a module to generate excel price lists from database data.
    • Configured and improved travel booking system Master-Web which was developed using ASP.Net.
    • Optimized and serviced a database of prices size is about 30GB.

    05/2007 – 10/2010 Web Developer, Travel agency “Aurora”, Ltd., Moscow, Russia
    Travel agency helps tourists to plan a vacation using a website with lots of information about countries, cities, hotels and prices for tours.
    • Modified the existing website – reviewed and optimized code, redesigned architecture, applied caching, optimized database structures and SQL queries in code.
    • Integrated 3rd party search tours module, changing the design through parsing of input HTML.
    • Developed admin module for content managers that allows edit descriptions of countries, cities and hotels, upload documents etc.
    • Optimized website for search engine using Google Analytics to get statistics.

    11/2006 – 04/2007 Delphi Developer, Advertising Agency “Alfa-Profit”, Moscow, Russia
    Advertising agency provides services for graphic and promotional design, websites development and print production. The company seeks to use newest technologies of business organization.
    • Participated in the development of document management systems in the company. The system allows employees to set goals and monitors their progress.

    12/2005 – 06/2006 Junior PHP Developer, State Educational Institution, Moscow, Russia
    Distance learning using modern web technologies for children with disabilities.
    • Developed backend module “school board” for the CMS Moodle in a development team. This gave the teacher to conduct lessons in real time and saved for later use.

    08/2005 – Present Freelancer (Web Developer)
    vivotek-fd8136.ru, peskivillage.ru, uk.eufn.ru, kostorez.ru, old.kostorez.ru
    I use my free time to do some interesting web sites using new technology for me.
    • Developed more than ten website and some modules for existing sites for promotion customer's products and services.
    • Developed sites using CMS Wordpress and Joomla, frameworks CodeIgniter, Kohana and Yii.
    • Created requirement analysis and functional specification design.
    • Worked with freelance designers and programmers to meet the objectives.
    • Consulted on web applications for various clients.
    • Used website parsing technologies to get some data.
    • Was responsible for the code reviews and database optimization for clients.
    • Engaged in search engine optimization of websites.
    • Created Flash banners using ActionScripts for funny effects.

    Education and Awards

    2013 Ruby programming language, Codeacademy (online)
    2012 Python programming language, Codeacademy (online)
    2008 PHP, HTML and CSS courses, National Open Institute “INTUIT” (online)
    2007 BS in Computer Science and Engineering (studied less), State University, Moscow, Russia
    2005 AS in Computer Science, State Technical College, Magadan, Russia
    2005 Winner of Regional Contest by Software Development (C++), Magadan, Russia

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