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Тема: AR-15 и всё что с ней связано

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    Re: AR-15 и всё что с ней связано

    Meet the only person in the US who can legally own a bump stock

    Today, the 54-year-old gun lobbyist is the only person in the U.S. legally allowed to own one. The exception comes via an order from the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that granted a temporary exemption to a Justice Department ban following the massacre. The ruling applies exclusively to him and is for the “time required to adequately consider and rule on” a pending motion.

    Rather than arguing that bump stocks are protected by the Second Amendment's guarantee of the right to gun ownership, Aposhian and his lawyers say the ban is unconstitutional because of how it was imposed. President Trump asked the Justice Department to prohibit the devices in February 2018, four months after the Las Vegas deaths and in the aftermath of the massacre of 17 people at a south Florida high school.

    “This is Congress’s job to do,” he said of the ban. “If you’re going to change the law, it is absolutely and specifically the purview of Congress and our representatives, not the role of the president, not via executive order, let alone by an executive agency, to do this.”
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