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Тема: Obama 'committed' to immigration reform

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    Obama 'committed' to immigration reform

    Obama 'committed' to immigration reform

    1 hr 26 mins ago

    WASHINGTON (AFP) – President Barack Obama Friday said he was committed to comprehensive immigration reform, amid rising calls by Hispanic supporters for a path to citizenship for 12 million illegal immigrants.

    Obama did not, however, lay out a timetable for action on one of the most perilous issues in the United States, which political leaders struggle to reconcile with the political heat of a two-year congressional election cycle.

    "We also know that keeping this promise means upholding America's tradition as a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants.

    "Those things aren't contradictory, they're complementary. That's why I'm committed to passing comprehensive immigration reform as president of the United States."

    Obama laid out general outlines of reform, saying people should not be allowed to come to the United States against the law and that employers must not exploit low-wage, illegal labor.

    He also called for an attempt to "clarify" the status of millions of immigrants, who entered the United States illegally years ago and put down roots.

    "For those who wish to become citizens, we should require them to pay a penalty and pay taxes, learn English, go to the back of the line, behind those who played by the rules."


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