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Тема: Два номера соцобеспечения на одно лицо

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    Восклицание Два номера соцобеспечения на одно лицо

    Новоприбывшая получила два номера SSN на свое имя (справедливости ради: единственное различие было в одну букву в написании имени). Написали письмо с вопросом чего делать...

    Интересный ответ получил от SSA на днях:

    Thank you for contacting the Social Security Administration.

    We apologize for the delay in answering your inquiry. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused.

    We ordinarily assign only one Social Security number (SSN) to a person. When we discover that a person has been assigned more than one SSN, the numbers are cross-referred in our records so that the person receives credit for all earnings. SSN’s cannot be canceled, and the individual may use whichever number he or she prefers. We do suggest that the person keep the number that he or she has used for employment, tax, credit, banking, driver’s license purposes, etc. Further, the SSN selected should be used consistently to avoid any potential problems with crediting earnings to their records.

    Multiple assignment of SSN’s occurred primarily when SSN’s were issued manually in our local offices. This processing of SSN’s limited our cross-reference checking capability; therefore, more than one SSN could be inadvertently assigned to the same person without his or her knowledge. Today, SSN’s are centrally issued by computer-generated systems that allow the Social Security Administration to determine if an individual has been previously assigned an SSN.

    If you want verification of the SSN’s shown on your Social Security Statement, visit your local Social Security office. Please remember to take your Statement with you. Our representatives will be glad to review your records and assist you.

    You can get the address and telephone number of the office that services your area by calling our toll-free number, 1-800-772-1213, or you can obtain this information from the Social Security Office Locator at the following Internet address:


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    Re: Два номера соцобеспечения на одно лицо

    Ничего совсем удивительного, и они этот второй номер уже никому другому не присвоят. Я бы рекомендовала выбрать один, и пользоваться только им всю жизнь (скорее, лучше тот, на котором история уже есть).

    Ну и, если SSN уже был изначально, не нужно было просить новый, а просто менять информацию (статус, имя/фамилию) в старом. Но это уже не важно на данный момент.
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    1. Life isn't about how you survived the storm...it's about how you danced in the rain!
    2. Success does not come to you. YOU go to it. 3. На рус МАРСИЯ :)

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