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Тема: Love Party Chicago @ Victor Hotel, July 22

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    Love Party Chicago @ Victor Hotel, July 22

    22 июля 2007 г.
    Love Party Chicago @ Victor Hotel

    You are invited to the next Love Party Chicago event.

    And here is the official invitation.

    July 22, 2007, Sunday, 7 p.m.
    @ Victor Hotel (311 North Sangamon, Chicago, IL 60607)

    Love Party Chicago, launched in May of this year, helps Chicagoans to find thinking, educated friends and dates. LPC is a series of events with a social and cultural agenda behind them.

    Each event has a different theme. July's party is a costume party themed "My inner royalty loves my inner rebel".

    You are encouraged to dress in a way that makes you feel like a shiny million dollars. It might be torn jeans and an insane haircut, a lush medieval dress, or an elegant suit. Bring your own style. It's a party for the fashionables and the creatives.

    Beautiful dancing by Maria and Burak, founders of Tango Eclectique and pioneers of alternative tango in Chicago.

    Body painting by Kutya.

    Free chair and table massage by licensed massage therapists (strictly from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m., no exceptions)

    Special guests include Vendooza, Schizowave, select members of the Suicide Girls community, as well as local artists and designers. Live music will be followed by DJ sets. Winners of the Best Costume contest will get a surprise gift.

    You can RSVP using Going.com

    Additional information and details on how to get in can be found on www.lovepartychicago.com.

    Cost: $15 in advance (on www.lovepartychicago.com), $20 at the door (suggested donation).

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