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Тема: Подготовка к ASVAB

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    Восклицание Подготовка к ASVAB

    https://app.box.com/s/elrslb6s9odz3y35ezy1 - список из 150 слов и их синонимов раздела WK, только эти слова будут на тесте.
    https://quizlet.com/15918359/bsep-vo...s-flash-cards/ - квизы для заучивания слов.
    Здесь https://readtheory.org учимся работать с текстами, необходимо дойти до 10 уровня для стабильного результата самом тесте.
    BSEP: Student Work Тут смотрим разделы по математике и арифметике,
    http://bsepclass.blogspot.com/p/answer-keys.html решаем примеры и заучиваем слова, ключи к тестам тамже.
    http://bsepclass.blogspot.com/p/blog-page.html Решаем и практикуемся на время.

    Имеет смысл купить https://www.amazon.com/ASVAB-2017-20...svab+2017-2018 чтобы ознакомиться с остальными разделами, просто чтобы все линейные скоры теста выглядели хорошо в итоге, не затронутые выше, их можно пропустить и заниматься по материалу указанному выше.

    Если вы стали видеть в тесте 5 вариантов ответов, то это высшая уровень сложности, значит все идет хорошо. Тест сам себе адаптивный, если ответить неправильно, то следующий вопрос будет с 4-мя ответами, если и на него ответить неправильно, то сложность опять снизится. Начинается тест со среднего уровня.

    Просьба к модератору - закрепить тему в шапку.

    ABASHED Embarrassment, ill at ease, disconnected
    ABYSS A deep fissure in the earth; bottomless gulf; chasm
    ADVISABLE Worthy of being recommended
    AFFLUENT Wealthy, upscale
    AFFRONT An insult, offense
    ALCOVE A recess or small room adjacent to or opening out of a larger room
    ALLEGED Asserted, often doubtful, suspect, supposed
    ALLOCATE Set apart for a specific purpose; mete; dispense; allot
    ALLURE Entice, charisma, temptation
    AMPLIFY To make larger or stronger; increase
    ANTIPATHY Strong dislike, disgust loathing, hostility
    ANTIQUITY Old object, ruin, relic
    APPLICABLE Appropriate, pertinent, useful
    ARROGANT Having exaggerated self-opinion, egotistic, bossy
    ASSERTIVE Positive or confident in a persistent way; declare; affirm; aggressive
    ASSESS To set an estimated value on; to set the amount of
    ASSUAGE Soothe, relieve, pacify, calm, ease
    ATOLL Coral island, isle, reef
    ATTENTIVE Concentrating considerate, interested
    AUTHENTIC Implies reliability and trustworthiness; genuine; reliable
    BELLIGERENT Argumentative, hostile, warlike
    BENEFACTOR Donor, sponsor, contributed
    BETROTHED The intend engaged, committed
    BRAZEN Showing no shame; bold; impudent; act out in a bold way, insolent bold,
    CACOPHONY Dissonance, harshness
    CANVASS To poll, examine, scrutinize
    CHARGE Supervisory responsibility, custody, management, oversight
    CHIVALRY Valor, courage, courtesy
    CLERICAL Member of the clergy, priestly, sacred
    COMPARISON Contrasting, analogy, correlation, connection
    COMPEL To force or constrain, as to do something; to get or bring about by force
    CONCEDE To admit as true or valid; acknowledge; comprise; grant
    CONJURE Call to a place, gather, create out of thin air
    CONTEXT Circumstances, framework, conditions, substance
    CONTRIVE Invent, design, construct, develop
    DEFERRED To be put off until a later time; postpone; procrastinate
    DEMURE Decorous; modest; reserved; shy; coy
    DETEST To dislike intensely; hate abhor
    DILEMMA An argument necessitating a choice between equally favorable alternatives
    DISCORD Noise, clamor, harshness, unrest
    DISCRETION Caution, care, prudence, thoughtfulness
    DISLODGE Knock loose, disturb, extricate
    DIVERSE Different; dissimilar; varied; diversified; different
    DOMINEERING Oppress, dominate, threaten, assume authority
    DREGS Sediment, deposits, residue, waste
    DRONE A male bee or ant; unmanned aerial vehicle
    DUPLICATION Copy, reproduction, match, parallel, reciprocal
    ECCENTRICITY Strange, oddity, weirdness
    ECSTASY A state of being overpowered by emotion esp. joy; great enjoyment
    EDDY A current moving against the main current and with circular motion, whirlpool
    ENGENDER Cause to happen, create, develop generate, instigate
    ENIGMA Mystery, inexplicable, perplexity,
    ENLIGHTEN Explain thoroughly, reveal
    EVENTUAL Future, final, possible, succeeding
    EXHORT Urge, warn, counsel, persuade
    EXTOL Sing the praises of, acclaim, glorify, brag about
    FALLACY Illusion, misconception, mistake
    FATIGUE Tiredness, burnout, weakness
    FIASCO A complete failure; a debacle
    FOMENT Instigate, provoke, promote, stimulate
    FORGE Construct, form or make, compose, produce
    FRAUGHT Full of, attended, filled, replete, stuffed
    GIRTH Measurement around waist, circumference, distance around
    GUILE Slyness, cleverness, craftiness, treachery
    HAMMOCK Harbor, bunk
    HAPLESS Unfortunate, cursed, miserable, unhappy, woeful
    HARBOR Hide, protect conceal
    HERESY Unorthodox, opinion, disbelief
    ILLEGIBLE Unreadable, hard to make out
    ILLUSTRATIVE Explanatory, clarifying
    IMPARTIAL Favoring no one side; undecided
    IMPEDE To bar to hinder the progress of; obstruct or delay; hinder
    IMPERIAL Regal, official, majestic
    IMPERIL Endanger, risk, menace
    IMPERTINENT Bold or impudent in speech or behavior; saucy
    IMPROBABLE Not likely to happen or to true; unlikely; doubtful; implausible
    IMPUGN Criticize, challenge, contradict
    INCENDIARY Causing trouble or damage, inflammatory
    INCITE Encourage, provoke, prompt
    INCUBATE Hatch, nurture, produce
    INDIGNANT Feeling or expressing anger or scorn
    INFLEXIBLE That can't bend or curved; stiff; rigid; firm in mind, stubborn; unyielding
    INGRATIATE Get on a good side of someone, attract, captivate
    INQUISITIVE Curious, desiring knowledge or understanding
    INTRANSIGENT Uncompromising, inflexible, obstinate
    INVARIABLE Not changing , fixed
    IOTA Small bit, scrap, trace
    LACKADAISICAL Careless, indifferent
    LEERY Suspicious, cautious
    LUNGE Pounce, charge, jump, pass
    MALICIOUS Spiteful; intentionally harmful
    MEAGER Thin; lean; emaciated; poor quality or small amount; not full or rich; sparse, weak
    MELANCHOLY Depressed, sad, gloomy
    MINIMUM Least, lowest amount
    MINION Servile, dependent or underling
    MISCREANT Person responsible for wrongdoing, convict, criminal, offender, diligent, evildoer
    MYRIAD An indefinitely large number of things or person; innumerable; countless
    NEGLIGIBLE Of no significance, petty, scanty
    NEMESIS Bane, curse, opponent
    NOCTURNAL Of, done, or happening in the night; active during the night
    NUANCE Slight difference, distinction, suspicion
    OBLIVIOUS Unaware, ignorant, blundering
    ONEROUS Difficult, requiring hard labor, demanding
    OPPOSE Fight, obstruct
    OSTRACIZE Exile, banish, avoid, shun
    PALATABLE Delicious, agreeable, savory
    PARAPHRASE Interpret, translate, restate, summarize
    PARRY Ward off, circumvent, repel
    PATRONIZE Condescend, look down on, snub
    PHILANTHROPIST Someone who makes charitable donations intended to increase human well-being
    PICTURESQUE Attractive
    POLL Voting, number, count
    POROUS Full of pores or holes; filter; absorbent, having holes, sponge like
    PORTLY Bulky, fat, hefty
    PREDESTINED Predetermined, inevitable
    PREFACE Introduction, preliminary, beginning
    PRIMARY First in time or order of development; elemental; basic
    PRINCIPLED Ethical, decent, fair
    PROMULGATE Make known, disseminate, notify
    PRONOUNCEMENT Declaration, articulation, report
    PROVISIONS Supplies
    PURSUE Chase, follow, harass, persist, track
    PURVIEW Range of interest, domain, parameter
    PUTTER To busy or occupy oneself in a leisurely, casual dawdle
    QUIRK An abrupt twice or curve, an accident of fate, oddity
    RAPTURE Extreme happiness and delight in something, exhilaration, passion
    REPRIVE Relief of blame, pardon
    REPUGNANT Bad, obnoxious, loathsome
    RESIDE To dwell in a long time; live in one's house
    REVIVE Start again, awaken, recover, restore
    SAGA Story, often long, epic, legend
    SCRUTNIZE To look at very carefully; examine closely; inspect; examine
    SEDENTARY Motionless. lazy, sluggish
    SEMINARY A theological school for training, institute, society
    SEQUEL Something that follows something, follow-up, sequel
    SOLACE Is a form of comfort given to one who is in sorrow or distress, pity, relief
    SOURCE Beginning, point of supply, antecedent, birthplace, cause, commencement, root origin
    SPRAWLED Sit or lie spread out, recline stretch
    SPRY Moving quickly and lightly, active prompt spirited, vigorous
    SQUANDER Use up, go through, waste
    SQUEAMISH Having a digestive system that is easily upset; queasy; dainty
    STINT Period of responsibility, participation, term, consignment
    SUBMERGE Dunk in liquid, inundate, sink
    SUCCOR Assistance, help, support
    SUPPLE Bendable, flexible, springy stretchy
    TABLOID Regular, continuous publication, periodical, press weekly paper
    TENACIOUS Strong, unyielding, persistent, stubborn
    TENET Belief, principle, teaching, thesis
    THEORETICAL Hypothetical, ideal, philosophical
    THORNY Complicated, involved, problematical
    TINCTURE Coloring, shade, dye
    TRIAD Trio
    TROUNCE Defeat overwhelmingly, conquer wallop
    TYRANT Person who dictates, absolute ruler
    VACCUUM Emptiness, void, gap
    VALUES Principles, ideals, beliefs, conduct
    VIGIL A purposeful or watchful staying awake; watchful
    WAGER Money or something gambled, bet, challenge, stake
    WAN Faint or weak in a way suggestive of sickness or great weariness; pale
    YARN A tale or story especially that seems exaggerated or hard to believe
    ZEALOT A fanatical partisan, crusader, ideologue

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