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Тема: Отличные новости теперь дату отправки не переносят

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    Отличные новости теперь дату отправки не переносят

    Отличные новости теперь дату отправки не переносят, NIAC делают прямо во время basic.
    Информация из первых рук:

    information in a more formal way as it was pushed
    out via "operation Flash" and not a USAREC Message, but here it is.

    BDE Ops,

    Disseminate immediately.

    Effective with the release of this OPS FLASH the requirement for I551 card
    holders to be placed in the DEP/DTP for 180 days and to not ship without
    required National Intelligence Agency Checks (NIAC), has been suspended.

    New reservations for I551 card holders can be scheduled to ship as soon as
    seven (7) days from DEP/DTP if otherwise qualified to do so.

    I551 card holders currently in the DEP/DTP that request to ship early can do
    so. Keep in mind that training seats may not be available and current
    renegotiation policies must be followed.

    USAREC EEPD will continue to monitor NIAC submissions and results. Future
    Soldiers that return with derogatory NIAC results will be cancelled by
    USAREC EEPD. Soldiers whose results return as derogatory after they ship
    will be processed for discharge from the Army.

    Exceptions to policy are not required to ship any I551 card holder without
    favorable NIAC results. Many ship dates have been changed for I551 card
    holders. Please verify all ship dates in REQUEST and if the ship date has
    changed the centers need to be notified immediately. This is very important
    due to all the renegotiations that have occurred.

    For Guidance Counselors; Many of the REQUEST records has an 'Advisory
    Notice' of not to ship without NIAC results. The notice can be ignored.

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