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    Сообщение Observerships

    List of Hospitals Offering Observerships

    We are compiling a list of hospitals in the United States that offer Externships to medical graduates/medical students with an emphasis on those programs that accept IMG's. Externships are learning opportunities, similar to internships, offered by hospitals to give you short practical experiences. For a list of observerships, click on the link below Hospitals offering Observerships You have hands on clinical experience working with patients and can get useful LOR's and meets the requirements for most hospitals that require USCE or US clinical experience. However, you have to pay the hospital or institution a fee for the previlege of being an extern. This is an ongoing effort to find the best hospitals that offer externships, so please add more to the list and we will update the main post. List of Hospitals Offering Exterships Organized By State California
    Hospitals in California (accept IMGs) Natividad Medical Center Program
    Salinas, CA Arrowhead Regional Medical Center Program
    Colton, CA Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
    Specialty: Psychiatry
    URL: Cedar-Sinai Externship Colorodo
    University of Colorado Health Science Center
    Specialty: Anesthesia / Anesthesiology
    Contact Information Health South Rehab Hospital, Colorado Springs, CO
    Phone: (719) 630-8000 URL: Health South Rehab Hospital Externship Washington DC St. Elizabeth Hospital
    Specialty: Psychiatry
    Duration: 4 Months or more
    URL: St. Elizabeth Hospital Providence Hospital, DC
    Specialty: Internal Medicine
    Cost: Free
    Contact: Program Coordinator: (202) 269-7747
    Duration: 3 Months
    Requirements: ECFMG Certification, GOOD USMLE scores, 3 LORs, Copies of Medical Diploma, ECFMG Certificate AND your Resume
    Address: Program Director (Internal Medicine Residency Program)
    Providence Hospital, 1150 Varnum Street, N.E., Washington, DC 20017 - 2180
    URL: ovidence Hospital, DC Externship Illinois
    Chicago Jackson park hospital - Family medicine
    7531 S. Stony Island Ave.
    Chicago, Illinois 60649
    Telephone: 773-947-7500 - ask for the department of family medicine and enquire about externship opportunities. URL: Jackson park hospital - Family medicine Externship Indiana Indiana University School of Medicine
    Specialties: Obstetrics and Gynecology and Family Practice
    Requirements: ECFMG Certification, At least one US LOR
    Allow Visitors, Student (F1) and even J1 visas
    URL:Indiana University School of Medicine Externship Kansas University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita (KUSM-W) at Veteran Affairs Hospital (VA hospital)
    Specialty: Internal Medicine
    Contact: Internalmed-wichita@kumc.edu
    Application Requirements: * Universal Application (Download PDF from NRMP)
    * ECFMG Certificate
    * Dean's Letter
    * USMLE scores: Step 1 & Step 2 CK
    * Medical School Transcript Mail / Courier all the above material to: Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita
    Internal Medicine Residency Program
    Attention: Externship
    1010 North Kansas
    Wichita, KS 67214-3319 URL for application forms: Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita Externship URL for program's website
    Program's website
    Maryland Dr. Barry Mehta
    Specialties: Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Ob-Gyn
    Duration: Minimum 7 weeks tp get a Letter Of Recommendation. Schedule
    Cost: $4,400 for 7 weeks (Training + Staying)
    Call: 410-730-3961, 443-285-9563 (cell)
    This program is organized by a commercial service via fmgaffordable, according to the following url, FMGAffordable - Sessions
    "The standard program of 6 weeks has two mini-sessions of 3 weeks each. We enroll students for standard sessions only (6 weeks minimum), after which you will have earned two LOR's. Your first assignment will be partially at a teaching physician's office, but mostly hospital-based. Your second assignment can be 100% hospital-based if the student so chooses. Use the URL FMGAffordable - Sessions for schedule dates Harbor Hospital, Baltimore
    Specialty: Internal medicine
    Contact Program Coordinator at: 410-350-3565
    URL: MedStar Harbor Hospital - Baltimore, Maryland

    Massachusetts - Cambridge
    Harvard Medical school program The harvard program is only for those who did not graduate yet. Contact: hone: 617-732-5775
    Address: 75 Francis Street, Boston, MA 02115 Ask for externship opportunities Not sure if they offer both externships and observerships but for sure offer observerships as per the following url
    Massachusetts General Hospital: Page Not Found Ohio Columbus Community Hospital, Columbus Specialty: Pediatrics Unsure, call (614) 445-5000 and speak with somebody in the department of pediatrics to confirm Huron Hospital Specialty: Internal Medicine Policy Statement: The Internal Medicine Program offers externships, observerships to candidates meeting our minimum criteria, but it is not required to be a resident. We do not schedule externships in the months of June or July. Externships are for one month only and must be approved a minimum of three months prior to starting. University of Cincinnati Academic Medical Center Specialty: E.N.T. (Otolaryngology) NB: Application are considered on an individual basis by contacting Robert Keith, PhD, Director of Medical Education at robert.keith@uc.edu, Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, PO Box 670528, Cincinnati OH 45267-0528. Oklahoma Oklahoma State Medical Association (OSMA) Specialties:- Family medicine, Internal Medicine, Anesthesiology etc.
    Application: To Apply, you should fill the Application Form from OSMA Telephones: 405-843-9571 OR 800-522-9452 Application Form available at
    URL: OSMA Tennessee East Tennessee State University (ETSU), Johnson City Specialty: Internal Medicine - Not too sure, need to confirm URL: Internal Medicine - Home Contact Department of Internal Medicine East Tennessee State University VA Bldg. 1, Box 70622 Johnson City, TN 37614-0622 423- 439-6282 and ask if they have any externship opportunities. Texas North Richland Hospital, North Richland,TX Specialty: Pediatrics
    Needs further confirmation Contact:
    North Hills Hospital
    4401 Booth Calloway Road
    North Richland Hills, TX 76180 Telephone: (817) 255-1000 and ask to speak with the secretary for the department of Pediatrics, ask for any possibilities for Externships. Url:High quality healthcare in your back yard, North Richland Hills, TX - North Hills Hospital NB: the states that are not listed do not have any externships that we know of! If you find one, please leave the info as comment below and we will update the list. Add more as comments below and we will update the list.
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    USA---------> NEW JERSEY

    Re: Observerships

    IMG observorship List : observership hospital usa
    observorship List : observership

    Chandler Medical center, Lexington, KY

    DC General Hospital, Washington, DC

    Duke Hospital, Durham, NC , usa america
    My friend did an observership in Pediatrics-Neonatology. It was nice but they don't allow to touch any patient only watch and listen.

    Elmhurst Hospital, Queens, NY
    They take lot of fmgs for observership in many departments, like medicine and paediatrics , psychiatry.

    Emory University

    Griffin Hospital, CT

    Harbor Hospital, Baltimore, MD

    Jackson Park Hospital, Chicago, IL

    Meridia Huron Hospital, East Cleveland, OH

    Providence Hospital, Washington, DC

    VA Medical Ctr., Washington, DC

    University of California, San Francisco, CA

    University of Miami, Miami, FL

    University of Texas,Houston Medical School, TX

    Wayne State University, Detroit, MI

    IM offers observership.

    West Virginia University Hospital, WV

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